Project Leadership

Our qualified, trained, and highly-experienced project leaders and managers work in collaboration to help deliver major projects to clients. With us, you get the right guidance, innovative solutions, and strategies to meet all your project-specific requirements. Our leaders also ensure that all your projects meet the industry quality standards. We understand the importance of efficient project support services and cost-effective solutions to help you deliver projects on time.

Project and Program Management

Implementing the right execution for every project

The success of large and high-impact projects depends on meticulous project planning and its implementation. We employ comprehensive project management strategies to identify goals and interdependencies, develop suitable reporting tools and structures, and implement appropriate guidelines for project processes and programs.

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Change Management and Training

Ensuring a strategic approach to employee engagement

We provide our clients with a practical and strategic approach to behavioral change management, unlocking employee engagement in an organization. Segmentico employs a four-stage methodology, covering all aspects of change management.

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Business Analysis and Requirements

Assisting in making informed business decisions

Chief Information Officers (CIOs) wonder where to invest to get the best returns for their business. Their business decisions are often influenced by a pre-defined product, technology choice, or selection of a vendor. We make your job easier by breaking down data and combine them to provide you with clear, unbiased answers to help you make informed decisions.

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Technical Subject Matter Expert (SME)

Offering insights about evolving technologies

With technology evolving at a rapid pace, it is challenging for organizations and their staff to keep up with the latest vendor services or solutions. Segmentico offers clients the required expertise to overcome these challenges.

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Major Capital Projects (MCP)

Ensuring focused execution of major projects

With the major capital projects becoming technically challenging and difficult, companies must hone their skills and expertise to pull off the desired outcome. Our consultants employ a phase gate methodology to implement meticulous planning, thus ensuring focused project execution.

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One person’s “paranoia” is another person’s “engineering redundancy”
26 April 2017 admin

One person’s “paranoia” is another person’s “engineering redundancy”

Choosing the right technology solution for your business is much like deciding on life’s priorities— it is not easy to decide what is redundant and what is not. In the field of science, redundancy

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Great People To Work With

Happy employees are better employees. We believe in working hard and appreciate individuals who love what they do. That’s because employees who love their jobs and co-workers are smart workers. This is our mantra for achieving professional excellence. Therefore, we always motivate our employees to create a happy and conducive environment and work towards achieving the same. Our employees are our biggest assets, and we work religiously to ensure the staff satisfaction.

Our performance-oriented evaluation processes and culture of periodic, constructive, and timely feedback is designed to inspire a supportive environment for our employees. We motivate our people to participate in celebrations, cultural events, and community services. Our fun-at-work philosophy makes us better team workers, employees, and human beings.

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