IT Strategic Services

Today’s disruptive technology presents plenty of opportunities for your IT executives to enhance business value to your clients through our IT strategic services. We understand that eliminating information silos and poor IT decision-making is critical for successful business operations. This is where our IT strategic services come into play, thus helping business leaders balance the need to succeed by managing risks and seeking value for their clients.

IT Strategy and Governance

Make your IT strategy perfect and foolproof

At Segmentico, we work on IT Strategy and governance based on our client’s needs. Our trained consultants have a clear understanding of your business and know how latest technologies and business requirements help you develop a fail-safe IT strategy supporting your broader business objectives.

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Outsourcing Advisory and Vendor Management

Is outsourcing the right solution?

Are you reconsidering your outsourcing options or considering it for the very first time? Not sure how to go about it? We will work with you to assess and answer these questions by understanding technical, financial, business, and cultural implications.

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Benchmarking Analysis

Address performance gaps

Many organizations reach a certain point in their journey of growth and development when they should reexamine their business goals and incorporate process improvements strategies to bridge performance gaps. Our benchmark analysis tools help you figure out organizational differences and enable your employees to determine the root cause of performance gaps.

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Application and ERP Strategy

What are your application delivery strategies?

IT enterprises and leaders are often asked about their application strategies that deal with legacy environments, mobility requirements, acquisition integrations, performance requirements, and security. Segmentico provides the methodologies necessary to examine your current demands on the delivery of an application and its performance.

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IT Portfolio Management

Managing your project portfolio better

We help you balance your IT project portfolio by evaluating the risks and benefits. Our portfolio management experts have a clear understanding of your strategic business drivers. We help you identify the risks and work on developing a project lifecycle strategy and implementation plan to build a link between your projects and operations.

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IT Infrastructure Strategy

Develop an IT infrastructure that is reliable, scalable, and cost-effective.

We have an in-depth understanding of the services, technology, and partners that work in collaboration to empower your business with an unbeaten infrastructure delivery potential. Segmentico has the market insight and experience to assess your current requirements on IT infrastructure delivery and performance.

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IT Operations Management (ITIL)

Leverage the ITIL best practices

Many Fortune 500 companies reap the benefits of ITIL best practices to deliver their IT service management (ITSM) programs. Leveraging the benefits largely depends on your current systems and deployment strategy that goes past the tools and processes to incorporate effective communication team training.

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One person’s “paranoia” is another person’s “engineering redundancy”
26 April 2017 admin

One person’s “paranoia” is another person’s “engineering redundancy”

Choosing the right technology solution for your business is much like deciding on life’s priorities— it is not easy to decide what is redundant and what is not. In the field of science, redundancy

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Great People To Work With

Happy employees are better employees. We believe in working hard and appreciate individuals who love what they do. That’s because employees who love their jobs and co-workers are smart workers. This is our mantra for achieving professional excellence. Therefore, we always motivate our employees to create a happy and conducive environment and work towards achieving the same. Our employees are our biggest assets, and we work religiously to ensure the staff satisfaction.

Our performance-oriented evaluation processes and culture of periodic, constructive, and timely feedback is designed to inspire a supportive environment for our employees. We motivate our people to participate in celebrations, cultural events, and community services. Our fun-at-work philosophy makes us better team workers, employees, and human beings.

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