Analytics & Information Management

We help your business access on-demand data by capturing relevant information and performing a productive evaluation of that data. Businesses today face numerous challenges like information overload, performance inefficiency, operational hazards, and regulatory compliance. With our advanced analytics and information management services, you can know about the real value of data, determining hidden insights and finding innovative solutions to overcome your critical business problems.

Advanced Analytics

Gaining deep understanding from data to deliver business value

Today businesses collate huge amounts of information from vast and diverse data sources. However, 90 percent of this data remains misinterpreted or unused. With our advanced analytics solutions, clients can tap into structured and unstructured data to gain meaningful insights.

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Data Governance

Providing necessary feedback to support business objectives

Data governance incorporates policies, roles and responsibilities, and processes to ensure data reliability, consistency, and quality. With Segmentico, you get enterprise-level data assurance services to provide the required feedback mechanism. This way, the policies and standards help in supporting your business goals.

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Information Strategy and Architecture

Leverage data to drive insight and innovation

Today, organizations use data as a roadmap to develop ideas and insights. And with rapidly evolving data, businesses require unstructured information, connected devices and sensors, and a cutting-edge data strategy in place to deliver the best value to their organization. Collaborate with Segmentico to develop and execute a forward-thinking information strategy.

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Enterprise Data Management

Converting data into your business asset

Today information is generated more quickly than it can be used. Therefore, you require an effective data management service and use it in a way that turns it into an asset of your organization.

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One person’s “paranoia” is another person’s “engineering redundancy”
26 April 2017 admin

One person’s “paranoia” is another person’s “engineering redundancy”

Choosing the right technology solution for your business is much like deciding on life’s priorities— it is not easy to decide what is redundant and what is not. In the field of science, redundancy

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Great People To Work With

Happy employees are better employees. We believe in working hard and appreciate individuals who love what they do. That’s because employees who love their jobs and co-workers are smart workers. This is our mantra for achieving professional excellence. Therefore, we always motivate our employees to create a happy and conducive environment and work towards achieving the same. Our employees are our biggest assets, and we work religiously to ensure the staff satisfaction.

Our performance-oriented evaluation processes and culture of periodic, constructive, and timely feedback is designed to inspire a supportive environment for our employees. We motivate our people to participate in celebrations, cultural events, and community services. Our fun-at-work philosophy makes us better team workers, employees, and human beings.

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