Outsourcing Advisory and Vendor Management

Is outsourcing the right solution?

Our framework guides clients through their complete outsourcing advisory and vendor management cycle. Our services are extremely flexible that help you choose what you need. Segmentico’s highly experienced team will assist you in the following ways:

  • Initiating the best practices in outsourcing, off-shore model, hybrid approach, or in-sourcing by figuring out how functions must be grouped to enhance strategic value and position.
  • Ascertaining drivers, goals, and objectives for modifying your present sourcing arrangement.
  • Creating an equivalent strategy for the preferred alternatives.
  • Evaluating current business relationships.
  • Conducting quantitative and qualitative risk and financial analysis.
  • Delineating service-level agreement (SLA) measurements.
  • Developing request for proposals and request for information.
  • Providing well-thought-out and impartial analysis, process rigidity, industry benchmarks, and in-depth skill.
  • Negotiating and communicating with vendors.
  • Offering a change management strategy and services to help you migrate to the new model.
  • Determining the real benefits obtained from the changes made to your sourcing strategy.

Great People To Work With

Happy employees are better employees. We believe in working hard and appreciate individuals who love what they do. That’s because employees who love their jobs and co-workers are smart workers. This is our mantra for achieving professional excellence. Therefore, we always motivate our employees to create a happy and conducive environment and work towards achieving the same. Our employees are our biggest assets, and we work religiously to ensure the staff satisfaction.

Our performance-oriented evaluation processes and culture of periodic, constructive, and timely feedback is designed to inspire a supportive environment for our employees. We motivate our people to participate in celebrations, cultural events, and community services. Our fun-at-work philosophy makes us better team workers, employees, and human beings.

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