About Us

Segmentico is a technology service and management consulting company that improves clients’ business by providing strategic and innovative technology-enabled business solutions. We exceed our customers’ expectations by offering seamless products, innovative solutions, and value added services. Driven by quality assurance, delivery excellence, and leadership, we work with our clients to realize their business goals and deliver them more value.

After partnering with several clients, we stand out from the rest because of our ability to delight our customers. Our commitment to quality, positive attitude, and flexibility distinguishes us from the rest, both in terms of business and technology.

Our Services

At Segmentico, we are focused on resolving your critical issues across all geographies and industries. Whether you want to implement effective strategies, develop a secure platform for business operations, or deliver an innovative product, Segmentico is the one-stop destination for defining your path for business transformation.

Management Consulting

Our management consulting services help our clients get a 360 degrees view of the challenges faced by them in their daily operations. It helps you to improve your business operations and optimize processes, offering you both flexibility and efficiency.

IT Strategic Services

We offer comprehensive and in-depth expertise when it comes to our IT strategic services. Our proficiency comes from the knowledge of technology trends, experience working with our customers, and approach to talent management in IT.

Project Leadership

Our project leaders spearhead our client’s project team and implement effective project management strategies. With us, you get a complete perspective of milestones, positions, risks, challenges, dependencies, and overall project health.

Analytics & Information Management

Our analytics and information management team provides cost-effective, risk-proof solutions to help clients unlock the value of their information assets. We keep you updated with the forecasts of analysts to help you know about the industry’s future.

Digital Engagement & Insights

Our multidisciplinary digital engagement and insights team offers you with quantitative and qualitative customer insights, thus creating a winning digital experience that goes ahead of a ‘mobile application’ or ‘digital touchpoint.’

Technology Platforms & Operations

We understand that system availability and accessibility is crucial for successful business operations. Our technology platforms and operations management services help you design, develop, and set up network infrastructure systems to meet your business goals.


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One person’s “paranoia” is another person’s “engineering redundancy”
26 April 2017 admin

One person’s “paranoia” is another person’s “engineering redundancy”

Choosing the right technology solution for your business is much like deciding on life’s priorities— it is not easy to decide what is redundant and what is not. In the field of science, redundancy

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Great People To Work With

Happy employees are better employees. We believe in working hard and appreciate individuals who love what they do. That’s because employees who love their jobs and co-workers are smart workers. This is our mantra for achieving professional excellence. Therefore, we always motivate our employees to create a happy and conducive environment and work towards achieving the same. Our employees are our biggest assets, and we work religiously to ensure the staff satisfaction.

Our performance-oriented evaluation processes and culture of periodic, constructive, and timely feedback is designed to inspire a supportive environment for our employees. We motivate our people to participate in celebrations, cultural events, and community services. Our fun-at-work philosophy makes us better team workers, employees, and human beings.

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